Reduce the Cost of Sewn Lettering Now with Direct-to-Sew™

Direct-to-Sew is the revolutionary automated lettering system that is setting the standard for the sewn lettering business.

No matter what type of sewn lettering you want to do, or are currently doing, reduce the cost of sewn lettering now with Direct-to-Sew.

Delta Monogram Control System now part of Direct-to-Sew

The Delta Monogram Control System (Delta MCS) was our first automated lettering solution. It networks traditional (Meistergram/Barudan) monogram machines and automates the lettering process from order entry all the way through production and production tracking. Direct-to-Sew sprang from the work we did with Delta MCS. Today, all of the functionality of Delta MCS is contained in our current Direct-to-Sew product.

Online Learning Resources for Direct-to-Sew

The following resources are available online for you to learn more about Direct-to-Sew:


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